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Hola! I'm Lauren!

I'm a personal branding photographer, visual storyteller and content creator, and I love collaborating with purpose-led business owners.

I'm a rebellious thinker and like to challenge myself, as well as my clients, to think differently. This approach produces work that is instantly engaging and oozes creativity and fun.

Ace words from rad clients

Tasha Miller,


"I was looking for some bright, colourful and engaging images that would represent
my brand on my website, lookbooks
and social media. I fell in love with Lauren’s photography because it is full of attitude
and sass. You can see fun and personality
coming out of her photos. 
Jubly-Umph and Me&MyGirl are the perfect fit! 

Nick Ginsburg,

The Admin Collective

"I searched the Internet high and low looking
for a photographer that had the right style
and bam I found Lauren!
After reaching out to her I knew she was perfect. On the day she made me feel
safe and comfortable and we had a blast! Laughing like we’d known each other
for years. She managed to capture my
style and my sense of fun perfectly!!
In short, she is incredible at what  she does. She has a great eye. I’ll be returning for more!"

Emma McMillan,

Copy Coach

"Lauren is so easy - and fun - to work with, yet she also has clear processes, timelines and expectations. What's more, her creative ideas are not off-the-shelf! As a copy coach and copywriter, creating meaningful content is integral to my business. Lauren delved deeply enough into my content pillars and brand values to come up with ideas in the planning stage to complement these. I'm so proud to be the face of my business with gorgeous images that truly represent me and attract more of my ideal clients."
Some of the rad clients I work with
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