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It all starts here... with my

collaborative creative exploration process

My background in design and branding means we don’t just approach your photo shoot from a ‘pretty picture’ point of view.

Oh no, friend. We go DEEP!

We work together to figure out what sort of photography your business needs but more importantly, how you’re going to use the images when they're done.

This way, you’ll have a library of images that... you know... you’ll actually USE on your socials and website.

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It goes like this...

Getting to know you:

1. Your Creative Brief

Here, I find out more about who you are, what you do, what makes you tick, and what you think you need.

We’ll explore this together and I’ll start to build an idea  of your creative story.

2. Creep week (aka...researching you)

Basically, I snoop around on you. I check out your website to get a good handle on what you do. I have a read of your socials, listen to your podcast, suss you out on Insta, and look at how your competitors are showing up in the marketplace.

I form a well-defined picture of how I can tell your story visually, and I send you through the first draft of your planning document, which includes your:

  • themes

  • locations

  • colours

  • props

  • messaging

This is the bones of our Shot List.

And then we do this:

Let's get together:

3. Presenting my ideas to you

Shit gets real! We discuss and flesh out all the ideas and make a plan — quite literally — for our shoot together.

We discuss any props you’ll need and whether you’ll supply them, or I’ll dig them out of my ever-growing stash of goodies, and we’ll come up with a fully-fledged shot list, BEFORE your shoot.

This means far fewer nerves on the day, and for flatlays, a much more efficient spend of our time.

4. It's shoot day!

You’ve either sent me your goodies to shoot flatlays in my home studio, or we’re heading out into the wide world to shoot together!

We have our shot list and a plan and we GO GO GO!

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Super Fun