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Hola! I'm Lauren.

I’m a rebel with a cause. 

I’m driven by creative curiosity. 

And if I was an emoji, I’d be a rainbow. 

My passion for colour, pattern, textures and photography started in primary school. I discovered my love of experimenting with film at 17 and only moved to digital in my 30s.

I scooped ice cream and stuffed envelopes as a teen, then worked in design and branding for 20+ years. 

I started my biz in 2018 and have never looked back. I live and breathe creativity, collaboration, connection and fun – which are also my brand values. Not just in biz, for life. 

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Who I help and how

I LOVE the challenge of working with service-based legends and getting to the heart of their story, to create images that connect and engage with their audience and potential clients.

Thanks to my years in the design space, I have super tight processes and clear deadlines. In fact, my nickname back in those days was Eagle Eye!

I'll help you stand out from the crowd with totally unique and intentional images you’ll feel proud to share.

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The way I love to work

My approach is creative, rebellious, collaborative and detail-driven.


When we work together you’ll: 

– always feel heard and supported

– be empowered to embrace your own creativity

– be encouraged to look at things differently. 


I’ll be your creative bestie throughout the entire process.


Sound good? Let’s chat.

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My creative process 

I'm all about getting to the heart of your story and helping you to express that visually. My background in graphic design and branding means I look at things from a much bigger perspective, more than just a ‘pretty picture’ point of view.
I want to know who you are, what you do, what makes you tick, and what you think you need. From there, I go deep into research mode, create all the ideas and show you how we can bring your visual brand story to life.
Together we figure out what your business needs – whether it’s a strategic visual direction, images of you, images to promote your product or service… or all of these things. 

Are you ready to be inspired to think bigger? 

Karlie Plowman, TechnoBird

"What Lauren really brought to the table was her artistic vision, her eye for detail, her brilliant direction and most of all, her passion for what she does. She's strategic, creative, thoughtful, she makes it fun and not weird, and she really goes the extra mile to do her research and think of ALL the things!"
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