Photo taker, flatlay maker, wall spotter, design nerd & goofball


Sitting at my Nan's table in the *cough cough* late seventies was little old me – painting, colouring and drawing to create my own beautiful little world.


When I (unwittingly) became a grown-up, I went on to study and work in graphic design and branding and now I’m still creating that ‘little world’ via my favourite medium – photography!


Me&MyGirl was born from a need for me to express my creativity throughout those knuckle-down, toddler-parenting years.


Now my daughter Ava is at school, Me&MyGirl has evolved into a full-blown visual storytelling photography service based in Melbourne – offering small business and brands my wildly creative eye for design, colour and detail.

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Are you after something memorable you haven't seen here?

You can also think of me as your creative brain for hire.

I can combine all my skills for creative direction, design consultation and end-to-end creative project management!

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